I really enjoyed the reading for this week about authentic assessment.  Recently, I had to retake the GRE because my scores expired and I am in the midst of trying to get into a doctoral program in Educational Psychology.  They should change the name to the GRRRRRR…..I was incredibly annoyed, particularly by the quantitative section.  Concepts includes mainly Algebra and Geometry…subjects I haven’t studied in over 10 years.  Why not have separate quantitative sections depending on if you’re going into the bench sciences or social sciences and humanities?  Then social sciences/humanities people can have statistics and the bench sciences have calculus or whatever best fits quantitative reasoning in those disciplines.  Instead study guides straight out tell you to memorize strategies to correctly answer the specific types of questions in order to score well–exactly what we don’t want students doing, especially graduate students!  The analytical writing section is an improvement over the analogies, but it is still not the greatest assessment.  You have 45 minutes for one essay and 30 minutes for another.  The topic I was given to cover thoroughly in 45 minutes was essentially “What is effective instruction?”.  Okay, perhaps some can cover this quickly, but for me this is something that requires much more than 45 minutes to cover thoroughly. 

Can’t wait to see what will come up this evening in class!