I will admit that Twitter is a service I have refused to join since it came out because I’ve only thought of it as the one aspect of Facebook with which many users go overboard–constantly posting where they’re at/what they are doing.  It’s really not of my concern that you’re eating dinner in front of the TV or going shopping at this exact moment.  Why would you waste the time to continually post what you’re doing every moment of the day?  I am driving in the car…I am at X restaurant…I am eating XYZ…I am driving back home…etc, etc.  Seriously, either you have way too much time on your hands or your ego is so enormous that you feel everyone is dying to know what exactly it is that you’re doing. 

The readings (here and here)for this week have introduced me to a new side of Twitter; increasing communication among students and between students and professors among other benefits.  We’ll see what additional information comes from class tonight…maybe I’ll be converted and jump on the Twitter bandwagon, well, at least for academic purposes.  You don’t have to worry about me posting my every action of the day.