The two major pluses I see with tagging/social bookmarking are

1.  the ability to access them from any computer versus one specific computer and

2.  the ability to share with others on the web

Similar to the use of blogs it allows for more immediacy, you have the assistance of others doing the same type of work you’re doing.  Instead of just the sites you find in your web searching, you can see websites that others have found that could be of great value.  Given modern times where our pacing is at warp speed, this can be an amazing asset when you need to have some bit of information yesterday. was an excellent how to guide for getting started with tagging/bookmarking and explaining its benefits. 

Jon Udell’s blog about the use of tagging was right on the mark for me. I think the vast change that has occurred in internet programs Facebook, blogs, tagging, etc.  is definitely going to require some changes in what kids learn in primary and secondary schools as well as educational professionals at all levels.  I remember when I was in high school I decided to go ahead and take a typing class because teachers were beginning to require papers to be typed when submitted and I didn’t want to have to spend twice as long working on a paper because of not knowing how to type.  I am very glad I sacrificed an elective for one year to take that course as opposed to friends of mine who chose to continue with their normal elective choices and still “hunt and peck” in a computer driven world.  Kids of today and the future are going to have to go a step beyond basic typing skills and learn about the different platforms available to assist in their educational experience and every day life…learn about blogging, tagging, social bookmarking, etc. so they’re prepared to be efficient “knowledge finders.”