Learning about the history of blogging via Stephen Downs’ article “Educational Blogging” was interesting.  I was not aware that 9/11 was the impetus for blogging taking off as a means of communication.  Many pluses were discussed in regards to blogs and education.  Movable type was mentioned as allowing teachers to create blogs only accessible by an individual student and the teacher, providing an outlet for private feedback so a student doesn’t have to be called out in the classroom and the student can ask questions without fearing the reaction of classmates. 

Educators also benefit from the use of blogs.  It allows knowledge to be shared in a more immediate manner, without searching.  As described on page six of “New Media Technologies and the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning” from the January 2009 issue of The Academic Commons Magazine, “It’s like continuously working with thousands of research associates around the world.”  In addition, blogs were mentioned to place academics in a more proactive role with media versus reacting or responding to their questions.

Below are the links for Stephen Downs’ article as well as Henry Jenkins’ blog about blogging in academia.